Privacy Policy

For your privacy

Not enough stress can be put with regards to how much we uphold your privacy. One of our policies is to always uphold the privacy of our clients and customers no matter what. With this notice, we hereby explain how we try to uphold the privacy of all our clients. There are several choices that you will choose in order to know the level of privacy that you want and also to make it easier for us to protect you and your information. All the choices that you will make will be related to how you want the data or the way you want your information to be received and used. In the places where we will require your personal identity details, you will also have choices on what you want to show.

Google Adsense and the Double-click DART Cookie

It is important for all our clients to know that Google uses cookies to put ads on our site. The DART cookies that it uses are very important as they are what make it possible for Google to put adverts on this site. These ads are meant for the visitors of this site and other sites on the internet. If you do not want to get involved in this, you can opt out by following this URL It will take you to the Google privacy policy. The third parties that we use also use cookies to know how the traffic on the site is and so there may be other cookies on the site.

Collection of Personal Information

Many people have been victims of fraud that has happened through the collection of personal information online. It is true that this site will at times require personal information from you in order for our transactions to be completed. The information that you put however, is kept safe and only used whenever necessary. You should also know that the recorded IPs, are never linked to your personal information.